Specialized products

Anti-Brown Marks*

productFor Uneven Pigment Skin. This advanced treatment cream normalizes the Melanocyte responsible for brown pigmentation spots. Protects the skin's structure and hydration balance with its UV protection. Regular use gives a soft and clear complexion. Ideal to treat hyperpigmentation and brown spots, to rebalance the skin's color.

Anti-Redness Micro Gel (Acne-Rosacea)

productThe Anit-Redness Micro-Gel is used as a treatment to fight acne rosacea and contains ingredients such as Crataegus Monogina and Butcher's Broom extracts that will destroy the Demodex folliulorum mite. Skin is rebalanced and soother. The anti-redness Micro-gel will reduce the redness and discomfort associated with acne rosacea.

Anti-Redness Emulsion

productFor Uneven Pigment Skin. Decongests and balances the capillary circulation. Repairs and strengthens the capillary walls to eliminate and prevent redness on the skin's surface while providing the skin with a UV protection. Skin is soothed; complexion lightened and evened. Perfectly suited for sensitive skin with redness.

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