Hydro-Tonifying (DeepHydrator)

productFor All Skin Types. Contributes to the maintenance of the natural moisture reservoir and leaves a lasting youthful impression. Rich in hydrating and tonifying complexes, enhances a more radiant complexion, and tones the tissues. Recommended for all skin types. Ideal for scars and wrinkles. Rebuilds the natural foundation of the skin. Helps promote elastin and collagen activities. Key Ingredients: Mucopolysaccharides, Disaccharides, Regenerating Complex.

Essential Oligo Concentrate

productFor All Skin Types, including oily and aged. A bio-polymer gel filled with marine and mineral trace elements which replenishes the skin and stimulates its natural defense mechanisms. Our bioactivator the production of elastin, which is vital for a firm, hydrated and young looking skin. Key Ingredients: Natural Marine Alginate, Seaweed Gel, Marine Micro Oligo Elements Complex.

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