Anti-aging chrono line

Global Action Serum Eye Contour

productFor all skin types. Inverted structure microgel. Chrono Repair recognizes the specific nature of the skin around the eyes, which is usually very delicate and becomes finer with age. Enhances the skin’s own repair mechanisms, supports cellular matrix activity and helps to stimulate natural skin renewal. Skin is visibly smoother, the area around the eye is firmer, the eyelid more toned and wrinkles less visible after the first couple of applications. The eyes seem to have been re-shaped and the eye contour is finer.

Intensive Care Revitalizing

productFor all skin types. Anti - aging care. This unique and exclusive design takes into account the multiple causes of premature skin aging. Delicate and light emulsion. Helps in the fight against the effects of stress and pollution. Fights against free radicals and liperoxides and protects against the harmful effects of UV rays. Promotes micro-circulation and tissue oxygenation. Stimulates natural skin renewal.

Fluid Global Action Multi-Regen. Body

productFor all skin types. Delicate and light emulsion, inverted micro-encapsulation. It’s fresh and subtle scent and delicate fine texture make it an excellent body treatment. After a single application, skin will be soft and subtle and will give vitality and have a youthful glow. Maintain optimal cellular energy production. Supports the skin’s natural toning functions, promotes cutaneous elasticity and helps to firm up tissues and make skin elastic.

Global Lift Program 30 Days

productMethode Physiodermie Laboratories are proud to launch the new Global Lift Program 30 days. This new treatment kit is an innovation added to the Chrono Repair® Anti-aging skin care products. This unique and exclusive concept takes into account the multiple factors responsible for premature skin aging. Its strong action on the cell supporting layers helps the natural cell renewal process. This rejuvenating cure is composed of two different products working in synergy for an optimal anti-aging action.

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